About Me

About Stuart Fryer, writer and director

About Me

At 6, Mum begged fleapit cinema owner to let me in whilst she went shopping.  I watched ‘Jaws’:  Fate sealed. At 15, Left posh public school with no qualifications, further education college beckoned whilst working at Manchester's infamous 'The Hacienda' club. Reached the University Of Creative Arts, Canterbury: Fine Art Degree.  Runner in a London Facility house. At 22, overnight, edited a scratch video for the Oasis track ‘Some Might Say’, sent it to the label, who used it as the official clip:  Reel born.

Luck came my way, became a creative at Guerrilla agency: ‘Cunning Stunts’. Clients: FHM, BMW, British Airways amongst many. But I wanted to tell stories, with a camera.  Headed to the music industry writing and directing ads for the likes of Eminem, Pink Floyd, Barbra Streisand and Robbie Williams.  Co-wrote and directed a £500 VW spoof viral (Just as YouTube started). In two days: over a million hits, caused quite a stir on BBC News and media around the world. Over 300 million hits says it all. Interviewed for the BBC's ‘The Culture Show’ and a panel member on BBC Radio's special on 'Viral' filmmaking. 

As a freelance writer and director, this 'viral' helped me graduate from music clips to my natural fit of performance and comedy, writing and directing content for clients such as GHD, Playstation, Lynx (Axe), P&G and Cadburys, also business films for KPMG, Shell, McDonalds, Vodafone alongside medical content for GSK, Bayer and Pfizer.  A film I wrote and directed for the UK's NCA (National Crime Agency) won a host of awards at both Cannes and New York Festivals including Best Script and Best International Director.

My first short ‘Ups & Downs’, about two brothers rivalry for their mother, one with Down’s Syndrome, won various awards including Best Actor for my Down’s Syndrome star at the Cannes Disability Film Awards. I was selected for the 'Emerging Filmmakers Showcase' at the Cannes Film Festival, and it played at BAFTA in a post ‘UK Film at Cannes’ evening.  My feature script ‘The Useful Idiots’ is in development alongside my TV pilot ‘Algorithm Angel’. ‘Bad Dreams’ is my latest short, a horror, which is being entered into Film Festivals around the world.

To be honest, I’m still the 6 year old boy in the fleapit cinema, dreaming of telling stories, that have heart and soul.

Thanks for listening.